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Documentary Film

There are an estimated 2.8 million children of incarcerated parents in the United States. Intimate and personal, BEHIND THE GLASS is feature length documentary about the impact of mass incarceration on the children left behind and the power of the arts to help young people address this trauma.


The central subject of the documentary is Daniel Beaty, an award-winning writer, performer, and community activist with a decade of experience working with the incarcerated Americans and their loved ones. A child of an incarcerated parent himself, Daniel's father has been arrested 60 times due to his heroin addiction and selling.  His older brother has also battled incarceration.  Will the art that helped save Daniel’s life have the power to help other young people dealing with the trauma of having parents in prison?  What is the impact of mass incarceration on the children left behind and how do we create a more humane society that protects them? 


Documentary Film

Omaha has a long-standing problem with gangs and youth-on-youth violence and it is one of the most dangerous cities to live in for African American youth. I DREAM OF AN OMAHA WHERE . . . is a collaborative project involving former gang members and people who have been affected by gangs. The project, conceived and facilitated by renowned performer and writer Daniel Beaty, takes the participants through intense and moving workshops to a performance of a play that utilizes the transcripts of the workshops as part of Beaty’s social justice project I Dream. I Dream was a transformative experience for those sharing their stories, and it is also changing the dialogue in Omaha and similarly affected cities about the nature and impact of gang violence. Most of all, it is putting a human face on those who have or still are participating in gangs and the people who have been tragically affected by gang violence. 


“The most thrilling evening I've ever had in the theater...”

— Sidney Poitier



In February 2017, Daniel’s film CHAPTER & VERSE will premiere in theaters nationwide.  Daniel stars in the film with Lorretta Devine and Omari Hardwick.


CHAPTER & VERSE is shaped as a first-person narrative. We see the film’s world almost entirely through Lance’s eyes—and the richness of detail is what makes the film extraordinary. 


“Beaty is an enormously sympathetic screen presence and he makes Lance’s struggle to take control of his life when so much is stacked against him truly heartbreaking.”  –Amy Taubin, ArtForum


Upon his return from serving eight years in prison, reformed gang leader S. Lance Ingram struggles to adapt to a changed Harlem. Lance lives under the tough supervision of a Parole Officer in a halfway house where he is forced to take a deliveryman job for a food pantry.  He befriends Ms. Maddy (Loretta Devine), a 60-year old strong, spirited grandmother. Lance also reconnects with his closest childhood friend Jomo (Omari Hardwick) and assumes responsibility for Ms. Maddy’s 15 year-old grandson, Ty—a promising student and artist who has become involved in a dangerous Harlem Street Gang. 


Feature Film


Daniel Beaty’s critically acclaimed solo plays THROUGH THE NIGHT, EMERGENCY, MR. JOY, BREATH & IMAGINATION, and THE TALLEST TREE IN THE FOREST- PAUL ROBESON, have been performed at leading theaters across the country as well as venues ranging from Lincoln Center to the White House, and garnered numerous awards including an Obie award for writing and performance and three NAACP Theatre Awards.


Daniel still personally tours EMERGENCY. MR. JOY and THE TALLEST TREE IN THE FOREST – PAUL ROBESON are currently traveling the nation through touring productions.


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